Protect your Family

Residential System Features

ProTELEC offers a wide range of systems through our partnership with some of the most advanced manufacturers of alarm systems in the world. Our systems are tailored to the way you live your life, and are designed to make it easy to operate your system and protect your family and property.

Keypad Danger Indication

For most of us, turning your alarm system on and off is done almost automatically. So when an intruder actually does break in, you may not even notice the signs of a burglary when you arrive home. Our keypads come equipped with a visual alert – the keys light up a bright red – making it obvious there’s been suspicious activity on your system while you were away.

Electronic Alarm Verification

Alarm systems are typically only "on" or "off". For example, when an alarm is tripped a pass code is entered and the system is deactivated. Our systems allow you to turn off the siren with your pass code, but more importantly your system remains armed until you determine whether it is a false alarm or a valid emergency. By pressing the “Cancel” or “Verify” button on the keypad our monitoring station will know what is happening in your home.

Home, Sleep and Away Modes

Many systems have one button access to arm your system in a particular "mode". Common modes are "home" for when you are at home but moving around the house and "away" for when you leave the house and want maximum protection. Our systems have an additional "sleep" mode that protects you at night by arming every area of your home except the sleep areas so you can enjoy maximum protection while still having the freedom to move around your bedroom.

Remote Arming / Disarming

Most alarm systems require you to put delays on specific entry points so you have some time to disarm your system before it goes off. In some cases this is also an advantage to intruders because it allows them additional time in your entry areas before the system reports the intrusion. With remote arming and disarming you can arm your entire system to trigger instantly at the first sign of intrusion because the only person who can disarm your home without opening a door is you.