How to Prevent Your Door Locks From Being Picked

Returning home and finding the security of your home has been disrupted by a burglar picking the lock on your front door is the worst feeling in the world. But there are simple steps you can take to make sure the locks on your front door provide a strong barrier to criminals.

Secure doors with high-quality locks. Burglars considering your home will often move on to the next target when they see a deadbolt lock. But you’ll also want to make sure the lock itself is as strong as possible. Look for a deadbolt that extends at least one inch into the doorframe. And choose a lock made of steel rather than a softer metal that can be more easily cut with a hacksaw.

Upgrade from the basic lock. For just a few more dollars, you can invest in a lock with enhanced security features. Prevent lock-picking attempts by choosing a model with a contoured shape for the internal pins or a side bar. You can also pick one of the less common locks on the market, such as a rotating disc, a tubular lock, or dimple lock. These locks require specialized tools which will deter most potential burglars.

Get the best available lock. If you’re looking for the highest level of home protection, choose a lock classified as ANSI Grade 1. You’ll get a lock that meets the highest security and durability standards, and may even offer a guarantee if a burglar should gain access.

Beefing up the quality of the door locks on your home will prevent most burglary attempts, and give you the peace of mind you and your family deserve.